Monday, December 14, 2009

Memorable Moments

I really need to get batteries for our camera because I am missing many great snap shots and videos of Cole. Here are a few highlights of what the little bug has been up to -

  • Cole is into calling everything "Dadda". Ducks, dogs, pigs (hah!), me and even Santa's are Dadda - A quick phase I hope...especially given I always point to myself and say "Mamma, Mamma" and then point to DJ and say "Not your Mamma".
  • Cole's morning "routine" has expanded to the need for blankie and doggie. As soon as Cole wakes up in the morning someone is in his room to get him up. We greet him with a big "Good Morning" and he in turns hands you his dog (a little yellow lab from Auntie B) and then his blanket (from Auntie Corey). If you pick him up first he will be sure to let you know and point and grunt towards his crib which is our cue to grab the little dog and blanket. Dad wraps the blanket around him like a cape and sets the dog on the kitchen table. All must be present during breakfast - :) Cole doesn't go very far without his blanket and dog dragging behind him.
  • Cole vs. Snow  - Cole=0; Snow=3
Round 1. Tree Hunting
The first introduction was when we went Christmas tree hunting and he took a face plant.Snow definitely won this one. We figured he would forget quickly. But so far he hasn't forgotten and don't know if he will.
Round 2. Neighborhood Walk
The face plant was still pretty fresh cause the next day DJ took him on a walk across the street to the neighbors and he wouldn't even touch the ground. DJ took many attempts to set Cole down on the driveway so he could walk and Cole would cross his legs immediately and wouldn't even try to stand up. I have to admit it was pretty hilarious watching this from the front window. DJ finally gave in and carried Cole across the street.
Round 3. Snow Shoeing
Still has not forgotten the face plant. DJ planned on taking Cole snow shoeing on Saturday but it was a struggle the minute the snow clothes came out. DJ finally got him all dressed and ready to go (Cole fighting against it the entire time.). Cole was crying so hard that he started gagging and ended up throwing up; needless to say that was the end of the snow shoeing outing.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunting

This weekend we went to the Jemez Mountains to cut down our 1st Christmas Tree as a family. Unfortunately, I fogot the camera but it was probably for the best since Cole didn't enjoy himself. He was in a great mood on the ride up - talking away to Annie. The minute we got him out of the car and dressed in his snow gear he started fussing. It probably didn't help that his first steps in the snow resulted in a face plant. He was unhappy from this minute forward. No matter how many times we tried to set him down to walk he'd hang on tighter and cry. We finally found our tree and headed back to the car. Cole was still crying and continued to cry until we were on our way home. Family friend Ryan Maupin even gave Cole and I a push on the sled. Cole was quiet while moving but as soon as he stopped he was upset again. So, it's hard to say if he didn't like the snow and was cold, or was upset we weren't pulling him a sled the whole time. Mom and Dad's guess is that the nonstop crying was the result of him not taking his nap earlier in the day. The minute we stared driving down the highway Cole started talking again.

We waited until yesterday to put up the tree and decorate the house. Cole immediately claimed all decorations as his own. His favorite seem to be a big gold bell and a metal airplane flown by Santa. We also started a small "chocolate" advent calendar. We explained to Cole the tradition of the countdown to Christmas and gave him his piece of candy. He caught on very quickly and walked over to the calendar several more times during the day and pointed at the calendar. If he doesn't like the snow at least he likes chocolate!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

November Fun...

Wow! Where does the time go? The month of November was full of big changes for Cole. He is walking faster and faster and forwards and backwards. He is into absolutely everything and is everywhere. One of his favorite activities has been to chase Annie around the house with his John Deere dump truck. Poor Annie - but she takes it like a champ. And in the end she gets a big cuddly hug from Cole. So cute! Unfortunately, his John Deere truck and tractor are in time out in the sunroom. They are now admired through the window and an occasional supervised visit. Cole was hurting himself too much and too often with these toys. We felt it was best to give them a break for awhile - luckily he doesn't seem to mind and actually plays with toys (anything with wheels) he didn't even know he had! To make things a little less traumatic, I cleared out an entire cupboard in the kitchen and filled it with his toys. Cole enjoys crawling inside and stashing any goods he has acquired in inside. (You have to watch for Sippy cups and/or other important items. He likes to take and hide things and doesn’t’ realize the phone bill needs to be paid.)

Cole is 100% all boy but I have to admit he has shown a small sense of fashion. The other day he must not have cared for the shoes I put on him because he went to his room and brought me a different pair. It isn’t just his shoes. He tries to put on DJ’s shoes and likes to rearrange my collection any chance he gets. My belts are another hit. Of course I try to find the more masculine ones to fasten around his waist. He just laughs and walks all over chattering to himself and touching the belt.

Cole still isn't interested too much in food. He enjoys drinking lots of milk and the constants seem to be blueberries and scrambled eggs. Everything else seems to end up on the floor for Annie. He is also trying new words. What fun and joy it brings to hear his little voice make words!

Dadda; Daddy
Annie (Sounds Like Addie)
Banana(Sounds like NuhNaNuh)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We sure did!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cole: The Lobster

Friday afternoon we dressed our "little crab" in his lobster costume and headed to his school. BMS (Bilingual Montessori School) had a little parade down the street outside the school and to the grocery store. The lobster costume was perfect has you can see by the expression on his face. (Several times throughout the afternoon and evening he shared with us his true feelings and his face color matched perfectly.) After the parade we headed up to Los Alamos for 'Halloweekend' - Los Alamos businesses stay open late Friday night for all the tick-or-treaters. Some of the businesses even have Haunted Houses. We did take Cole inside the Haunted House and to our surprise - he enjoyed it.

Cole caught on pretty quickly to the people putting candy in his pumpkin. He often times reminded me I wasn't moving fast enough by pointing at the candy bowls and grunting. After we had enough trick-or-treating, we headed to the Pumpkin Glow. This is always our favorite event. (My favorite pumpkins this year were probably the Twilight Series.) Hah!  Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

McCall's Pumpkin Patch

What an amazing day yesterday; we truly couldn't have asked for a better day. DJ, Cole and I, along with three other couples and their families, headed to Moriarty, NM for the annual McCall's Pumpkin Patch. What an event they put on - from corn bins, hayrides, petting zoos, cow trains, to shooting pumpkins like canons - you name it, it was like the state fair! Of course Cole enjoyed himself, maybe we even pushed him passed his limit a bit, but the adults were having too much fun to call it quits. Cole would often find things to do besides the event at hand. For example, while others groomed the goats he tried climbing the wire fence or he'd collect rocs and sticks while others went to Bunnyville. This is an event the Luscher's will do every year!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cole @ Montessori School

Cole is very fond of going to school. He loves Ms. Rosemary and Ms. Denise as well as all of his friends. He enjoys it so much in fact that he cried yesterday when I picked him up from school.

Fridays are my day off so I usually try to plan something fun for Cole and I to do. Last Friday, we got up, let Annie out and gave her her morning biscuit (Cole has to hand it to her.) and then headed to get dressed. As we were leaving Cole's room from getting dressed he started fussing and pointing all the way down the hallway. I figured he was hungry and so got him a sippy of milk. Of course that wasn't what he wanted and he continued fussing and pointing on the counter. We finally figured out that he wanted his lunch box. Cole loves his lunch box and to be in charge of it each day. He likes to carry it to the car and hold it in his lap to and from school. Anyway, I set him on the floor with his lunch box thinking he wanted to play with it. Nope, wrong again. Cole fussed and walked over the garage door and stood there crying with lunch box in hand. Try explaining to a 15 month old that you aren't going to school! We ended up having to make a visit to the school that morning anyway because we forgot his jacket there.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Cole  had a "full" agenda this last weekend. Friday afternoon we went to the Los Alamos Homecoming parade with friends. Cole sat on the curb like a big boy and watch the floats go by. He also caught on quickly to the candy being tossed into the crowd; he ate 3 suckers. My friend Stefani was placing her candy in her stroller. Twice Cole was caught taking candy out of her stash! :)
Saturday morning Cole and I headed to Albuquerque to begin the fun weekend. Dad came later after finishing his 12 mile run in the Big Tesuque Trail Run. Go Dad!!! Cole and I met up with a good friend Alison and Kate for a morning at the Corrales Pumpkin Patch and then lunch. Cole enjoyed walking through the corn field maze but would get upset if we got to close to the corn and it brushed his face. He also was more interested in the dirt piles than the pumpkins but loved the tractor ride. He sat in silence with big eyes as drove around the corn fields. We also got to see pigs, ponies, llamas, and a couple calves. (Thanks Alison for an awesome day!!!)
Saturday afternoon we met up with Dad and headed to the hotel for a nap and pool time. The pool ended up being a flop as it was outdoor and not heated. So cold!! We packed our bags and were off to the Twilight Twinkle Glow at the balloon fiesta. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong and the balloons were unable to be up. Cole didn't mind as he got to ride on a school bus twice! (We rode the bus from the hotel to the fiesta to avoid driving and parking.) He was memorized. He had to look over the seat in front of us our out the window at all times.

Sunday started very early for us. The mass ascension usually takes place at 7am so we got up at 5:15, got dressed and headed out again for the day. Again, Cole was completely in love with the bus ride. This time we got to sit in the front so he was able to look out the front window! (Why didn't I take pictures of this?) We started the fiesta with hot chocolate and breakfast burritos and then headed out to the field to watch the balloons fill up and take off. We were nervous that Cole as going to be scared because of the size of the balloons and the sound of the flames - but, he really enjoyed he. He studied every thing, pointed to them as they took off and watched in awe like the rest of us.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Catching Dust

This afternoon Cole, Annie and I were hanging out in my bedroom. I stepped out for a few moments and when I returned Cole was sitting on the little patch of sunlight on the floor. He was bouncing up and down on his knees grasping into the air. It only took me a few seconds to figure out that he was trying to catch the dust particles floating around in the air. Of course I didn't have the camera close by so this was the only picture I was able to get - it almost looks like he realized he was defeated. (Mom too since I did just dust and vacuum yesterday.)

Cole's Latest and Greatest:
  • Cole's current diet consits of bananas, eggs (hard-boiled), bread, cheese, milk, dirt, sticks and sand. The rest usually comes out with the tongue as fast as it goes in. Occasionally we can sneak in yogurt, melon or applesauce. And, he finally has shown a fondness for sweets! 
  • 110% Boy - Cole is wild. He has really grown a little wild side. He wrestles his stuffed animals, pounces on them, rolls on them and throws himself at pillows and/or blankets on the floor. He stands at the fridge and tosses all the fridge phonics magnets onto the floor and is on to the next activity.
  • 5th tooth is on its way.
  • Learned how to give "High-Five" and likes to give equal turns to mom and dad. If mom or dad is too slow in responding he will hit the back of his own head with his hand.
  • Shares bites of food with everyone including Annie.
  • Still won't walk independently for very many steps. He does however, insist on holding our hand to get from point A to point B. He gets very upset if he is left behind to crawl. We've tried tricking him into walking but he will just stand, think for a few seconds and decides to crawl - he's smart, we have lots of tile!
 Last night Cole showed us just how fearless he can be. He climbed onto his little rocking chair in his room (the chair was actually mom's when she was a little girl), stood up and started shaking the curtains. It was a good thing Dad was close by!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cole's Buddy - Annie...

Annie has always been very protective of Cole from day one; mommy number two. She needs to know where he is and what he is doing at all times. We need to be very careful to shut his bedroom door tightly or she will go in and out to check on him - sticking her nose through the slats on the crib. Each morning Annie can be found laying patiently outside Cole's bedroom. You know exactly when Cole is awake by how hard her tail is hitting the door as she wags it with excitement. Cole greets her with a big smile and laugh and Annie is off to get a toy or treat to show off. Annie also doesn't let us go anywhere without her. She is out the door as soon as it opens if we're not careful waiting to get in the car. Before Cole was born, Annie used to watch us out the front window when we left - she doesn't do that too often anymore; especially when she isn't included in the trip. (Sad...)

Over the last few weeks, Cole has really been interacting with Annie. She makes him laugh so hard! He puts food in her water dish and laughs while she fishes it out. He laughs even harder when she makes her crazy laps around the backyard or when she gets one of her stuffed animals out to play. I have been trying to get a video of the two of them for weeks and the timing just isn't right -Annie loves Cole and Cole loves Annie...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yesterday I took Cole to the doctor because he had been batting his ear and patting the side of his head. He has had 4 ear infections since the end of May and I wanted to keep on top of things. The doctor looked in both ears and said everything looked fine; no infection or fluid. I took him back to the Montessori and his teachers asked me how everything went. I said his ears were fine but that I was still befuddled as to why he has been patting the side of his head. They both started chuckling and said they should have mentioned to me earlier when they sing "No More Monkeys Jumping On the Bed, One Fell Off and Bumped His Head" they pat the side of their head. Now we know to ask the teachers first if he is doing anything different before taking him to the doctor. :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Camping at Pagosa Springs

This weekend we decided to take Cole and Annie camping in Pagosa Springs, CO. Pagosa Springs is only 2 ½ hours away from home and reminds us both of Montana. So, we packed the car Friday night and headed out Saturday morning.
We arrived to Williams Creek Campground at lunch time and had just enough time to set up camp before the rain started threatening us. It was a quiet weekend for campers and so we were able to find a spot right along the river which was awesome for Annie.  Cole (with a stick in one hand at all times) had a blast playing in the dirt with his John Deere tractors.
Cole did great! He took naps in the tent at naptime and went to bed at his regular bedtime with little to no fuss. He probably would have fussed alot more if he would have know mommy and daddy were eating smores just outside. He fussed a few times in the middle of the night but who doesn’t when they are sleeping on the ground! He didn’t seem to mind that the ground was wet along with his knees and hands. He was so dirty!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cole's 1st Hair Cut

Cole received his first hair cut last Friday and it was quite the event. (Daddy printed out a "1st Hair Cut" certificate which we had the hair stylist sign and date.) We were really trying to hold off on cutting his hair because it was so wild and cute but, it was getting too long and in his eyes. We wanted just a trim with scissors (Mom doesn't care too much for razor cuts.) but razor is what we got. Cole doesn't care to be messed with in any shape or form and most always lets us know if we are interrupting "his activities or current thoughts in process". He is very independent and has a mind of his own. Therefore, the haircut wasn't in his plans for the morning and scissors were just way too much. It is really too bad these pictures weren't caught on video so you could hear his protesting. As soon as it was done he was all over the floor of the salon and outside on the sidewalk happy as a clam with his car.