Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cole's Buddy - Annie...

Annie has always been very protective of Cole from day one; mommy number two. She needs to know where he is and what he is doing at all times. We need to be very careful to shut his bedroom door tightly or she will go in and out to check on him - sticking her nose through the slats on the crib. Each morning Annie can be found laying patiently outside Cole's bedroom. You know exactly when Cole is awake by how hard her tail is hitting the door as she wags it with excitement. Cole greets her with a big smile and laugh and Annie is off to get a toy or treat to show off. Annie also doesn't let us go anywhere without her. She is out the door as soon as it opens if we're not careful waiting to get in the car. Before Cole was born, Annie used to watch us out the front window when we left - she doesn't do that too often anymore; especially when she isn't included in the trip. (Sad...)

Over the last few weeks, Cole has really been interacting with Annie. She makes him laugh so hard! He puts food in her water dish and laughs while she fishes it out. He laughs even harder when she makes her crazy laps around the backyard or when she gets one of her stuffed animals out to play. I have been trying to get a video of the two of them for weeks and the timing just isn't right -Annie loves Cole and Cole loves Annie...


  1. That is too cute! We would LOVE a dog like Annie!

  2. Annie and Cole are so sweet together! You should write a childrens book, you have such a wonderful way of telling the story of their relationship. I love all the pictures of them together.
    Auntie B