Monday, August 31, 2009

Camping at Pagosa Springs

This weekend we decided to take Cole and Annie camping in Pagosa Springs, CO. Pagosa Springs is only 2 ½ hours away from home and reminds us both of Montana. So, we packed the car Friday night and headed out Saturday morning.
We arrived to Williams Creek Campground at lunch time and had just enough time to set up camp before the rain started threatening us. It was a quiet weekend for campers and so we were able to find a spot right along the river which was awesome for Annie.  Cole (with a stick in one hand at all times) had a blast playing in the dirt with his John Deere tractors.
Cole did great! He took naps in the tent at naptime and went to bed at his regular bedtime with little to no fuss. He probably would have fussed alot more if he would have know mommy and daddy were eating smores just outside. He fussed a few times in the middle of the night but who doesn’t when they are sleeping on the ground! He didn’t seem to mind that the ground was wet along with his knees and hands. He was so dirty!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cole's 1st Hair Cut

Cole received his first hair cut last Friday and it was quite the event. (Daddy printed out a "1st Hair Cut" certificate which we had the hair stylist sign and date.) We were really trying to hold off on cutting his hair because it was so wild and cute but, it was getting too long and in his eyes. We wanted just a trim with scissors (Mom doesn't care too much for razor cuts.) but razor is what we got. Cole doesn't care to be messed with in any shape or form and most always lets us know if we are interrupting "his activities or current thoughts in process". He is very independent and has a mind of his own. Therefore, the haircut wasn't in his plans for the morning and scissors were just way too much. It is really too bad these pictures weren't caught on video so you could hear his protesting. As soon as it was done he was all over the floor of the salon and outside on the sidewalk happy as a clam with his car.