Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cole is 2!

What a fun filled day for Cole as well as the rest of us. DJ and I were so excited (maybe Dad was even a bit more excited than Cole). :) Cole's morning began with balloons and a cupcake for breakfast. We were actually a bit impressed he ate the cupcake given in the past he hasn't shown much interest in cake or other sweets.
Cole could only open a few presents before heading out the door to the Albuquerque Zoo/Aquarium. He would get so excited and tear into one and then laugh and start tearing into another before the 1st was completely open.
We thought he might take a snooze on the two hour drive but the cupcake had him so wound up. He chattered the whole way down and grinned ear to ear when we sang him "Happy Birthday". Cole knew he was the center of attention today - he may not have known it was his birthday but he knew something was different. Anyway, he finally fell asleep right as we were pulling into town!

We started with a train ride to the aquarium - very exciting for the little guy but my goodness was he excited to see the fish. DJ and I couldn't think of a time he was more excited. He just laughed and laughed to the point where passer bys where laughing with him. Cole was really excited to see the "Agua Neigh Neighs" -Sea Horses! Soo funny.....

Other highlights of Cole's day were the "Neigh Neighs" - Giraffes; "Neigh Neighs" - Camels; "Neigh Neighs" - Elephants (I guess we better work more on our animals.); and the "Big Kitty Kitties".

Cole's Cake...we had fire truck and car cookies instead of cake this year since we didn't think he liked cake. The candle in his cupcake along with the balloons must have changed his mind. Owell....we are sending the firetrucks to school tomorrow for all his friends and teachers.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pool Time

Cole and friend Maclain enjoying some pool time.
The whale pool was a big hit! Even I got really excited once it was all blown up and ready for the water. Unfortunately the air pump quit working before the tail was done. We will have to use DJ's air compressor the next time. There is a place on the front of the pool to hook the hose up to so water will spray out of the whale's blow hole. It was too cute! Well, Maclain loved the blow hole but Cole actually was a bit cranky when the water would spray his face. The boys played until there were shivers and blue lips!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Owie Mamma Owie

My toes are currently painted red. This morning while I was getting ready Cole came over and started pointing at my toes saying, "Owie Mamma Owie." I said no and explained to him they are suppose to be like that. He walked away repeating, "Owie Mamma Owie." (It's not like we see blood very often - not really at all - maybe from his bloody nose.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peeping Tom or Curious George - Hah...

On a much happier note, I witnessed Cole peeping through our fence into the neighbors yard. I was laughing so hard because he stood there long enough to get Annie interested and looking through the holes. DJ's summer project is to replace this fence; it's in rough shape. (I will help you DJ I promise. I am a pro at staining - just ask my mom and dad.)

Anyway, I am glad I got these photos since it most likely won't happen again. :) Too cute....especially his little butt sticking out. Man I love him...

Monday, June 14, 2010

ER Update...

Cole is doing much better today. Grumpy I am told by school but that is kind of a good sign considering he laid around all weekend. His follow up appointment went well. He seemed to be doing fine but doctor cautioned us that symptoms could appear up to a week after the fall. GREAT!!!! As if I wasn't already paranoid enough to let him do anything! With that said...our weekend was very low key.

Yesterday was the worst because he was very lethargic, was teething and had a tummy ache...so it was hard to say if he wasn't feeling well in general or if he wasn't feeling well due to the fall. We just keep a watch for the "major" symptoms the doctors cautioned us on and hope for the best. Cole is a trooper so we know he will be okay.I am still so surprised that such a "small" fall caused such trauma. He has fallen much hard but apparently it isn't just the height they fall but the momentum when they fall.

DJ picked Cole up from school today and all seems well! He was running around and banging on the fence with a plastic hammer.

On another important note, he still loves Annie. They continue to squabble like brother and sister. And his teeth aren't loose. Thank goodness!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Emergency Room Visit...:(

Last night we took Cole to the ER due to a minor concussion. Around 6pm last night Cole and Annie were excitedly watching a bunny out the sunroom window. Annie may have been a bit too excited so close to Cole and knocked him over. Cole landed face first on the tile floor - and of course all of this happened two feet away from me! I scooped Cole up and managed to get a wet rag for his bloody nose without getting blood on my white shirt or anywhere in the house! Way to go Mom!!!

Anyway, we returned to the sunroom to sit and watch the bunny and nurse the poor babies nose- I really didn't think too much of the fall given it didn't seem hard or wasn't from a high distance. It appeared to me that he hit straight on his nose. I didn't see him hit his head at all.  About 30 minutes later Cole and I went to read a book on the couch and he started vomiting. Luckily DJ got home just in time to help clean up - :) although it made Daddy gag. So, I had to finsh the clean up and  Cole snuggled with Daddy; seconds later  second round of vomiting came. We started getting a little nervous considering his fall but came to the conclusion it must be from him swallowing some blood. Daddy went to change his clothes and Cole and I went to "chill out" in the bathroom. We weren't going to risk dirtying anymore blankies or clothes. It wasn't 10 minutes later and Cole started vomiting again. We immediately called the doctor on call to see what we should do - while we were waiting for a return call, Cole vomited again and there was a small amount of blood in it. We decided it was best to load up and get to the ER.

After a few hours at the ER the conclusion was Minor Concussion w/o Loss of Consciousness. We gathered our discharge papers and headed home for a long evening. I was too worried to let Cole sleep and we were both exhausted. I had him under tight watch and was just too scared to sleep. We started in our bed, went to the couch, tried the rocking chair and ended up back on the couch. Don't know how much we actually slept but he is taking an early nap...

Cole seems to be doing okay today. He's been playing with his cars watching all the activity in the front yard and played a bit outside. He doesn't have an appetite and is still a bit pale but is able to keep fluids down. We have a follow up visit today at 2pm -

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Enjoying Auntie B and Uncle James

Cole's Great Auntie B and Uncle James came to NM last weekend for a wedding. We were so excited to have them and their "Sophie Girl" stay with us. We all had SO much fun talking, laughing and catching up. Highlights included: the book Uncle James is encouraging DJ to write...they will have to fill you in but it sounds quite interesting; the Contraction (grammar) Game; Tesuque Village Flea Market; Santa Fe Plaza; and of course the evening Cole decided to share items out of Uncle James' suitcase. :)

I will add more photos later - I have been so lazy with the camera and will be relying on Auntie B to send some of hers. 

We wish we could spend more time with you both! You are so refreshing to be around and we love your stories!!!