Monday, March 28, 2011

Yard Work Yard Work Yard Work

DJ has been very very very busy in the yard this last month. The grass and sprinkler system are ready for spring and summer - including a drip system for all my plants! DJ also built a garden this last weekend. So, we will see what kind of green thumbs we have.

Cole was busy at work as well always wanting to be at Daddy's side. He had his own rake, hammer and tape measure to get the job done right!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What will Cole say next?

I guess I sometimes forget I have this blog to journal in and instead have a hard cover notebook on my desk at work to jot down all the funnies that come out of Cole's mouth. He can be so funny...I guess all kids are at this age. They speak there mind and are so innocent.
Cole to the moon...."The moon turned it's light on Mamma."
Cole to the wind...."No wind! You don't have my lunchbox." Afraid the wind would take it.
Cole when referring to friends Sofia and Sophia..."Purple Sofia" and "Pink Sofia" - he's already calling names. Lol... He differentiates the two of them by the color of their coats. Lol....
Cole this morning when he woke up..."Dadda, I want eye right here." pointing to the middle of his forehead. "Dadda says, "Cole do you want to be a one eyed monster?" Cole says, "Yes." (this is in a book we read.)
Cole when flushing potty..."Bye bye Amarillo pee pee."
Cole to chocolate milk...."No, don't want dirty milk. I want red milk." (because whole milk comes in white container with red label.)
Cole sometimes when he gets kisses..."No kisses, get me towel." - then tries to wipe it off.

Too be continued...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Haircut Gone Successful!

A few days ago Cole started asking me if Ms Lisa could cut his hair -out of nowhere. The last 2 cuts were very tramatic experiences and we even walked out on one visit with no cut. I was even more surprised that he was asking for the "stylist" by name. Cole was an absolute angel and patiently let Ms Lisa cut his hair while watching "Cars" of course.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 it really March!!!

Ok...seriously I didn't realize it's been so long! January was a very long, cold and sickly month and well February is gone and it's March! Cole enjoys dressing up and getting into any of the characters he knows. We often find him acting out parts of the movie "Cars". (Notice the tractor tipping below.)

I believe we were all getting over colds and tired of being house bound so we decided to pitch a tent in our living room. We had pizza, movie and popcorn. It was great fun!!! Although we didn't sleep long I was glad we had a day to nap.
What else....Cole's vocabulary is amazing! He is very close to being potty trained - now the sippy cups are on the verge of disappearing. :)  I know there is more as I have been journaling up a storm - not sure why not on the blog!