Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Easter is my favorite holiday of the (and the 4th of July) so of course it was even more fun to celebrate with Cole this year. The Easter Bunny visited in the front and back yard!!! The first two eggs Cole wasn't sure what to do with until Daddy showed him what was inside. Then the race was on! "More, More, More" was all Cole could say. We tried giving him his Easter basket to gather the eggs but he had other ideas. You'll notice that the dump truck was his basket.

It was very very hard for Annie to stay away from the eggs. And so we had to be very careful she didn't get any chocolate eggs. In the past, the Easter Bunny only had to hide eggs for her. So, of course you can understand her confusion.  The Easter Bunny was on top of things though and knew to hide Annie's eggs in a different location. As soon as Cole found his last egg we headed to the front yard and let Annie find her eggs. This then led to confusion for Cole. Certainly the Easter Bunny left those eggs for him too! In the end both kids were happy with their findings...

Month of Grandparents

I honestly didn't think it had been since January! My goodness....There has been way too much time that has past so to best summarize you get a list -
  • February must not have been very exciting or it was the month I lost my memory card because I have no pictures.
  • The Beginning of March Papa Rodney and Granny Carol came to visist
 Papa Rodney and Granny Carol of course spoiled Cole the entire week. It was full of sweets, little to no naps, late bedtimes and lots and lots of love. Cole went to the park, on wagon rides, cuddled on the couch, sorted cars with Granny, ate too many  powdered donuts with Papa. It was very sad to see them leave of course. Cole still goes to Papa's "chair" at the table and says "Papa". So, sad... Or getting the laundry basket and pulling my hand (it took me awhile to figure out that he wanted rides like his Granny gave him.) Thanks Mom!!!

  • Cole got really sick this month. 
A low grade fever due to teething (or so we thought) for several days quickly turned into 103 and higher. I took him to Urgent care and Cole put up quit the fight. He wouldn't let nurse or doctor touch him. He screamed - and not just screamed - but screamed for over an hour. He was gagging and sweating he screamed so hard. So, of course they weren't able to get an appropriate oxygen count. At one point it even dipped into the 70's - so we were sent to the ER! Cole was sent home on a nebulizer - just when we thought he was getting better he got an ear infection and it was back to the doctor.
  • Middle of March Nana Luscher came to visit
Oh boy - that Nana was a spoiler and Cole ate it all up! Another fun week of parks, and wagon rides, sorting cars by color and lots and lots of chocolate. Nana even taught Cole was it means to "shop". And I thought I was doing a good job training him for the future but I think Nana's got me beat. :) We even took a weekend trip to Durango, Colorado and saw the trains. Cole misses Nana and can still be seen waving bye bye and saying "Nana".