Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet Moments

Cole's new favorite spot to sit and hang out is the chair in the office. When you sit in the chair you get a full view of the office, the hallway and Annie laying on the bed in our bedroom. I asked Cole last night if I could join him in the chair and he patted the chair and said, "Mamma". We sat and rocked for several minutes in silence then I told him we should blow kisses to Annie. So we blew several kisses to Annie then he looked up at me and puckered his lips so tight to give Mamma kisses. What a sweet boy...we stayed in the chair for a long time just rocking, blowing kisses and giving smooches. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation, Graduation, Family...

The month of May has come and is almost gone! A trip to Atlanta to watch DJ graduate and a celebration party the weekend after we got back - WOW...but lots of fun. DJ is very lucky to have such wonderful family and friends who have been so supportive of him during this journey. He had an awesome cheering squad from the Georgia Tech stands (MINUS HIS WIFE AND SON!). For those of you who have not heard the story...Cole decided to throw a tantrum right as the graduates names were starting to be called. I was furious and very flustered as this was a big moment for me so the tricks up my sleeves were hard to pull out! After a very long tantrum, two time outs and trying to keep a good mood, I finally realized Cole's pants were wet. Of course! Perfect timing...I was way at the top of the stadium, platform shoes, and a screaming child with diarrhea and no diaper bag or cell phone! I was able to convince a very reluctant security guard to gather my diaper bag by writing a note to my mother-in-law. "Valerie - I need diaper!". By the time I got the bag, changed Cole (very bad diaper rash) - DJ had already walked the stage. You can imagine how upset I was...anyway, it was  great weekend and one we will never forget!

And my sister, brother-in-law and their two children were able to come and celebrate with us in Los Alamos this last weekend for a party with friends. We had an awesome weekend and it was very sad to see family leave. Jake, Clara and Cole got along so well. We spent lots of time hanging out at home, went to the kite festival, bowled in the drive way, read books and ate WAY TOO much cake!