Wednesday, March 9, 2011 it really March!!!

Ok...seriously I didn't realize it's been so long! January was a very long, cold and sickly month and well February is gone and it's March! Cole enjoys dressing up and getting into any of the characters he knows. We often find him acting out parts of the movie "Cars". (Notice the tractor tipping below.)

I believe we were all getting over colds and tired of being house bound so we decided to pitch a tent in our living room. We had pizza, movie and popcorn. It was great fun!!! Although we didn't sleep long I was glad we had a day to nap.
What else....Cole's vocabulary is amazing! He is very close to being potty trained - now the sippy cups are on the verge of disappearing. :)  I know there is more as I have been journaling up a storm - not sure why not on the blog!


  1. Yeah! An update! Stefan is always quoting "CARS" and we have to recount particular scenes. He's now into Mater Tales. Those two need to get together to 'discuss'. ;-)

  2. Yeah Steph, Cole is getting so big! I love the tent, I remember doing that a couple decades ago, it was so fun. I really loved it, wonder if Benj did:-)
    Thanks for the update, just put up pics so we can see the little guy.
    Auntie B