Monday, June 14, 2010

ER Update...

Cole is doing much better today. Grumpy I am told by school but that is kind of a good sign considering he laid around all weekend. His follow up appointment went well. He seemed to be doing fine but doctor cautioned us that symptoms could appear up to a week after the fall. GREAT!!!! As if I wasn't already paranoid enough to let him do anything! With that said...our weekend was very low key.

Yesterday was the worst because he was very lethargic, was teething and had a tummy it was hard to say if he wasn't feeling well in general or if he wasn't feeling well due to the fall. We just keep a watch for the "major" symptoms the doctors cautioned us on and hope for the best. Cole is a trooper so we know he will be okay.I am still so surprised that such a "small" fall caused such trauma. He has fallen much hard but apparently it isn't just the height they fall but the momentum when they fall.

DJ picked Cole up from school today and all seems well! He was running around and banging on the fence with a plastic hammer.

On another important note, he still loves Annie. They continue to squabble like brother and sister. And his teeth aren't loose. Thank goodness!!!


  1. Whew, I am so glad he is doing okay. I guess it isn't the distance they fall but how they fall. I am sure he will be alright so try to relax a little. I love you all and I have you on my mind.

  2. very glad to hear there is still love between Annie and Cole!! And that he is doing much better.