Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cole is 2!

What a fun filled day for Cole as well as the rest of us. DJ and I were so excited (maybe Dad was even a bit more excited than Cole). :) Cole's morning began with balloons and a cupcake for breakfast. We were actually a bit impressed he ate the cupcake given in the past he hasn't shown much interest in cake or other sweets.
Cole could only open a few presents before heading out the door to the Albuquerque Zoo/Aquarium. He would get so excited and tear into one and then laugh and start tearing into another before the 1st was completely open.
We thought he might take a snooze on the two hour drive but the cupcake had him so wound up. He chattered the whole way down and grinned ear to ear when we sang him "Happy Birthday". Cole knew he was the center of attention today - he may not have known it was his birthday but he knew something was different. Anyway, he finally fell asleep right as we were pulling into town!

We started with a train ride to the aquarium - very exciting for the little guy but my goodness was he excited to see the fish. DJ and I couldn't think of a time he was more excited. He just laughed and laughed to the point where passer bys where laughing with him. Cole was really excited to see the "Agua Neigh Neighs" -Sea Horses! Soo funny.....

Other highlights of Cole's day were the "Neigh Neighs" - Giraffes; "Neigh Neighs" - Camels; "Neigh Neighs" - Elephants (I guess we better work more on our animals.); and the "Big Kitty Kitties".

Cole's Cake...we had fire truck and car cookies instead of cake this year since we didn't think he liked cake. The candle in his cupcake along with the balloons must have changed his mind. Owell....we are sending the firetrucks to school tomorrow for all his friends and teachers.


  1. Aqua Neigh Neighs!! That is too cute! love it. :-) Glad your day was super special, Cole. We are bringing your present to the beach... to help draw out this birthday celebration.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! Spending Cole's birthday together seems so special. Those cookies look mighty good too. What an adorable family...can't wait to see you at the beach. Give Cole and Annie kisses.

  3. What a lovely special day you all had. Thanks for all the pictures. I feel like I shared the day with you all. I need Cole's soc. security number. If you are reluctant to send it over the internet you can give it to me at the beach. I am looking forward to seeing you all then. In the meantime love, hugs and kisses from Grammie and Great Grammie.