Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh Man...

Oh man is right! Almost an entire month has gone by since my last post - I need to get with it! Cole's vocabulary has grown incredibly the last few weeks. DJ and I often catch ourselves saying phrases that should no longer come out of our mouths (no swear words thank goodness). Cole may not learn his colors by kindergarten but he will know the name of every Cars car, tractor etc.

A few weeks ago I gave Cole a cookie to eat while on the couch watching cartoons. Normally he isn't allowed to eat on the couch but mom can break the rules sometimes right? I left the room for a few minutes came back to check on him and just laughed at the mess and said, "Oh man" with great inflection, but not upset - (Seriously...like I would have come back to anything but right!) Anyway, this is Cole's new phrase and he says it when he makes a mess, when Annie makes a mess and when DJ comes home (this one cracks me up!). As soon as DJ walks in the front door Cole starts saying "Oh, Man..." and tries to mimic my tone because of course I have to copy and say it again.

Nake (Snake) Bite is also a common phrase when outside. We have a family of garter snakes living in our yard which less than appealing to everyone except the boys across the street. We knew we had one snake and I didn't want to get close enough to determine the species so just told Cole "Snake Bite". DJ gets the willies worse than I do and has nightmares so neither of us are much help. Well, I quickly discovered the 2nd snake by stepping on it and doing the "prance of disgust" trying to get it off my foot. Cole was not happy watching me scream and jumping and shouting I had a snake on my foot. He actually cried - poor guy. Ever since this, he walks very closely by the tree and WILL NOT be left anywhere near the tree alone. I really think they are harmless but don't want to find out or have Cole hand me one someday.

Dirty Bug and Icky Spider...oh I am so glad Cole isn't a fan of bugs! I found my cabbage patch doll and raggedy ann doll the other day and decided to set them out in Cole's room. Of course he doesn't play with them but I wanted him to have them anyway. One morning we woke up to Cole repeating something over and over in his crib. DJ went in to see what was going on and Cole was pointing to a bug on Raggedy Ann and saying "dirty bug". Neither of us were quite sure who refered to bugs as dirty but hey...works for us!

What else is up...Cole is currently giving DJ the cold shoulder. DJ was out of town for a few days hiking with his Dad in Colorado and ever since he came back Cole just isn't sure...poor Daddy. He just wants his mamma and gives DJ the "look" - "if looks could kill look". Hopefully tonight will be better.

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  1. haha!! Oh man, snakes and bugs are gross!! Stefan goes around killing misquitos because Mommy does it... and because they bite. He thinks flies are mosquitos too and i keep trying to tell him.