Thursday, July 29, 2010

School Days

Every couple weeks Cole's school gets the swimming pool out for the younger kids. Of course this is one of Cole's favorite activities. Yesterday I had to make a quick mad dash home because I forgot to put a towel in his bag. When I got there he was so mad at me (I think he was afraid I was taking him home and there'd be no swimming. The teachers laugh at this sudden personality change - only when I come to pick him up.) He bonked two friends on the head with a wheel barrow! I was embarrassed to say the least and quickly handed the towel to the teacher and left.

Cole isn't one for getting his hands dirty when he eats. Can you notice!!!

Cole and Peak - notice Cole has a car in his hand and his shirt. Hah...


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  1. oh my goodness! i haven't seen a recent picture of him and he's looking so big boy! and Stefan is the same way when i come around... he's just a mess and whinny... great for others but he saves his 'lovely' side for me. :-)