Monday, September 21, 2009

Catching Dust

This afternoon Cole, Annie and I were hanging out in my bedroom. I stepped out for a few moments and when I returned Cole was sitting on the little patch of sunlight on the floor. He was bouncing up and down on his knees grasping into the air. It only took me a few seconds to figure out that he was trying to catch the dust particles floating around in the air. Of course I didn't have the camera close by so this was the only picture I was able to get - it almost looks like he realized he was defeated. (Mom too since I did just dust and vacuum yesterday.)

Cole's Latest and Greatest:
  • Cole's current diet consits of bananas, eggs (hard-boiled), bread, cheese, milk, dirt, sticks and sand. The rest usually comes out with the tongue as fast as it goes in. Occasionally we can sneak in yogurt, melon or applesauce. And, he finally has shown a fondness for sweets! 
  • 110% Boy - Cole is wild. He has really grown a little wild side. He wrestles his stuffed animals, pounces on them, rolls on them and throws himself at pillows and/or blankets on the floor. He stands at the fridge and tosses all the fridge phonics magnets onto the floor and is on to the next activity.
  • 5th tooth is on its way.
  • Learned how to give "High-Five" and likes to give equal turns to mom and dad. If mom or dad is too slow in responding he will hit the back of his own head with his hand.
  • Shares bites of food with everyone including Annie.
  • Still won't walk independently for very many steps. He does however, insist on holding our hand to get from point A to point B. He gets very upset if he is left behind to crawl. We've tried tricking him into walking but he will just stand, think for a few seconds and decides to crawl - he's smart, we have lots of tile!
 Last night Cole showed us just how fearless he can be. He climbed onto his little rocking chair in his room (the chair was actually mom's when she was a little girl), stood up and started shaking the curtains. It was a good thing Dad was close by!

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  1. Great first pic: He's so observant!! Trying to catch dust particles, that's really funny! Stef has taken to standing on his desk chair and likes to jump off if mommy is there to catch him. Thinks it's good fun... also likes to rough house with Daddy and do flips. He tried to do it with me and i said "nooo, that's daddy's job!"