Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cole: The Lobster

Friday afternoon we dressed our "little crab" in his lobster costume and headed to his school. BMS (Bilingual Montessori School) had a little parade down the street outside the school and to the grocery store. The lobster costume was perfect has you can see by the expression on his face. (Several times throughout the afternoon and evening he shared with us his true feelings and his face color matched perfectly.) After the parade we headed up to Los Alamos for 'Halloweekend' - Los Alamos businesses stay open late Friday night for all the tick-or-treaters. Some of the businesses even have Haunted Houses. We did take Cole inside the Haunted House and to our surprise - he enjoyed it.

Cole caught on pretty quickly to the people putting candy in his pumpkin. He often times reminded me I wasn't moving fast enough by pointing at the candy bowls and grunting. After we had enough trick-or-treating, we headed to the Pumpkin Glow. This is always our favorite event. (My favorite pumpkins this year were probably the Twilight Series.) Hah!  Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!

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  1. Cole is so cute as a lobsterboy! Mommy is pretty cute too, but it looks cold!