Thursday, December 3, 2009

November Fun...

Wow! Where does the time go? The month of November was full of big changes for Cole. He is walking faster and faster and forwards and backwards. He is into absolutely everything and is everywhere. One of his favorite activities has been to chase Annie around the house with his John Deere dump truck. Poor Annie - but she takes it like a champ. And in the end she gets a big cuddly hug from Cole. So cute! Unfortunately, his John Deere truck and tractor are in time out in the sunroom. They are now admired through the window and an occasional supervised visit. Cole was hurting himself too much and too often with these toys. We felt it was best to give them a break for awhile - luckily he doesn't seem to mind and actually plays with toys (anything with wheels) he didn't even know he had! To make things a little less traumatic, I cleared out an entire cupboard in the kitchen and filled it with his toys. Cole enjoys crawling inside and stashing any goods he has acquired in inside. (You have to watch for Sippy cups and/or other important items. He likes to take and hide things and doesn’t’ realize the phone bill needs to be paid.)

Cole is 100% all boy but I have to admit he has shown a small sense of fashion. The other day he must not have cared for the shoes I put on him because he went to his room and brought me a different pair. It isn’t just his shoes. He tries to put on DJ’s shoes and likes to rearrange my collection any chance he gets. My belts are another hit. Of course I try to find the more masculine ones to fasten around his waist. He just laughs and walks all over chattering to himself and touching the belt.

Cole still isn't interested too much in food. He enjoys drinking lots of milk and the constants seem to be blueberries and scrambled eggs. Everything else seems to end up on the floor for Annie. He is also trying new words. What fun and joy it brings to hear his little voice make words!

Dadda; Daddy
Annie (Sounds Like Addie)
Banana(Sounds like NuhNaNuh)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We sure did!


  1. Who are the other adorable children in the pictures. Cole is so cute!!!! Auntie B, Uncle James and Ben are certainly excited that one of his words is Duck!!!!

  2. That 2nd pic is tooo cute... the look on his face is adorable.