Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunting

This weekend we went to the Jemez Mountains to cut down our 1st Christmas Tree as a family. Unfortunately, I fogot the camera but it was probably for the best since Cole didn't enjoy himself. He was in a great mood on the ride up - talking away to Annie. The minute we got him out of the car and dressed in his snow gear he started fussing. It probably didn't help that his first steps in the snow resulted in a face plant. He was unhappy from this minute forward. No matter how many times we tried to set him down to walk he'd hang on tighter and cry. We finally found our tree and headed back to the car. Cole was still crying and continued to cry until we were on our way home. Family friend Ryan Maupin even gave Cole and I a push on the sled. Cole was quiet while moving but as soon as he stopped he was upset again. So, it's hard to say if he didn't like the snow and was cold, or was upset we weren't pulling him a sled the whole time. Mom and Dad's guess is that the nonstop crying was the result of him not taking his nap earlier in the day. The minute we stared driving down the highway Cole started talking again.

We waited until yesterday to put up the tree and decorate the house. Cole immediately claimed all decorations as his own. His favorite seem to be a big gold bell and a metal airplane flown by Santa. We also started a small "chocolate" advent calendar. We explained to Cole the tradition of the countdown to Christmas and gave him his piece of candy. He caught on very quickly and walked over to the calendar several more times during the day and pointed at the calendar. If he doesn't like the snow at least he likes chocolate!!!

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