Monday, December 14, 2009

Memorable Moments

I really need to get batteries for our camera because I am missing many great snap shots and videos of Cole. Here are a few highlights of what the little bug has been up to -

  • Cole is into calling everything "Dadda". Ducks, dogs, pigs (hah!), me and even Santa's are Dadda - A quick phase I hope...especially given I always point to myself and say "Mamma, Mamma" and then point to DJ and say "Not your Mamma".
  • Cole's morning "routine" has expanded to the need for blankie and doggie. As soon as Cole wakes up in the morning someone is in his room to get him up. We greet him with a big "Good Morning" and he in turns hands you his dog (a little yellow lab from Auntie B) and then his blanket (from Auntie Corey). If you pick him up first he will be sure to let you know and point and grunt towards his crib which is our cue to grab the little dog and blanket. Dad wraps the blanket around him like a cape and sets the dog on the kitchen table. All must be present during breakfast - :) Cole doesn't go very far without his blanket and dog dragging behind him.
  • Cole vs. Snow  - Cole=0; Snow=3
Round 1. Tree Hunting
The first introduction was when we went Christmas tree hunting and he took a face plant.Snow definitely won this one. We figured he would forget quickly. But so far he hasn't forgotten and don't know if he will.
Round 2. Neighborhood Walk
The face plant was still pretty fresh cause the next day DJ took him on a walk across the street to the neighbors and he wouldn't even touch the ground. DJ took many attempts to set Cole down on the driveway so he could walk and Cole would cross his legs immediately and wouldn't even try to stand up. I have to admit it was pretty hilarious watching this from the front window. DJ finally gave in and carried Cole across the street.
Round 3. Snow Shoeing
Still has not forgotten the face plant. DJ planned on taking Cole snow shoeing on Saturday but it was a struggle the minute the snow clothes came out. DJ finally got him all dressed and ready to go (Cole fighting against it the entire time.). Cole was crying so hard that he started gagging and ended up throwing up; needless to say that was the end of the snow shoeing outing.


  1. haha!! I love the face plant story. Well Stefan hates putting on his snowsuit to go outside. I think he would rather just stay inside all day and play with his cars. Sometimes it's just not worth effort fighting to get him outside!

  2. Little Cole needs to go out and plant a snowball on daddy and then he will see how fun snow can be.
    Uncle James