Monday, January 25, 2010

St. Kitts & Nevis

I meant to post this as soon as we got back but I got sick. Then DJ and I both got sick and then I was getting errors every time I tried to post.

On New Years Day we began our voyage to St. Kitts and Nevis. Dj was attending a work conference and there was now way Cole and I were staying behind in the snow! It took us two days to get there. Cole did okay on the first two flights (DJ gave him a score of a B- but I gave him a B.) but there were certainly tense times.

Even though DJ had to work most of the week we still got a few family days in and were able to hang out at the pool bar each afternoon. The food wasn't the best but I had no problems living on fried fish, fries and pizza. Cole on the other hand chose to drink his diet for the week. And the mile was terrible!!!!!!! It looked sour, tasted sour and smelled sour but Cole was a trooper and drank it. He obviously wasn't too concerned since he'd rather it be this way all the time.

Cole was hesitant to get in the pool which was strange given it isn't new to him. By the second or third day he was a pro as long as you let him run the show and as long as I made sure to have his tractor in the pool bag. We spent each morning having snacks and playing in the water. However, given we were at the beach in a beautiful location - Birds, Birds and more Birds was the most excitement of his week. Cole learned to say "bird" and whenever we had a visitor he was off chasing it around.

We spent the afternoons on the beach. Cole greatly enjoyed digging in the sand. Sand in his mouth, sand in his sippy cup, sand in his hair - he loved the sand. Cole and I had a great time building sandcastles. I was team construction and Cole was team demolition. I don't think I was able to construct more than 3 towers at a time if I was lucky. The ocean wasn't on the top of Cole's list of things to do while at the ocean. The waves may have been to loud but he did not want to walk in at all. However, by the end of the week DJ as able to take him out with little hesitation. (Don't know where my camera was that day - darn it!)

Cole has gotten very good at copying mom and dad. Although it can be quite funny at times, we have to be extra careful now. Several times while in the hotel room we found Cole busy at the door trying to escaping our room. He had found a room key and was trying to slide it up and down the door crack. Smart...yes but this could have been scary.

Cole met alot of new people while we were gone. His blonde hair and blue eyes "whooed" the locals which was a good thing considering is attitude did not. All and all it was a great trip - was time to go home. The plane rides home were the most horrendous and stressful times we have had with Cole in a long time. Tears even came to my eyes. It was hard and 4 1/2 hours was too long - but we made it and will most likely be flying to Atlanta this May for DJ's graduation.

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  1. Your trip sounds great and I'm glad you all had quality time together! love the pictures, can't wait to see big boy Cole in person.