Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cole @ Montessori School

Cole is very fond of going to school. He loves Ms. Rosemary and Ms. Denise as well as all of his friends. He enjoys it so much in fact that he cried yesterday when I picked him up from school.

Fridays are my day off so I usually try to plan something fun for Cole and I to do. Last Friday, we got up, let Annie out and gave her her morning biscuit (Cole has to hand it to her.) and then headed to get dressed. As we were leaving Cole's room from getting dressed he started fussing and pointing all the way down the hallway. I figured he was hungry and so got him a sippy of milk. Of course that wasn't what he wanted and he continued fussing and pointing on the counter. We finally figured out that he wanted his lunch box. Cole loves his lunch box and to be in charge of it each day. He likes to carry it to the car and hold it in his lap to and from school. Anyway, I set him on the floor with his lunch box thinking he wanted to play with it. Nope, wrong again. Cole fussed and walked over the garage door and stood there crying with lunch box in hand. Try explaining to a 15 month old that you aren't going to school! We ended up having to make a visit to the school that morning anyway because we forgot his jacket there.



  1. What a sweetie. Isn't it something the little personalities they are born with? I love the jean jacket.
    Auntie B

  2. I need a picture with the lunch box.
    Uncle James