Thursday, December 16, 2010

Early Christmas

DJ started a very fun Christmas gift tradition for little Cole when he was a baby. For Cole's first Christmas DJ bought him a caboose for an electric train set and Cole received another Holiday boxcar last year. This year we decided to get him the tracks and engine (the set came with several other cars as well.) The engine even has a whistle and can blow smoke! Next year we will have to buy more tracks so the train can go around the tree.

We let Cole open this gift early (I think Dad was really excited to get it out and start playing.) as actual Christmas Day will be so overwhelming. I am very new to the electric train world and find it a bit intimidating at times - it goes fast! I am paranoid it will fly off the tracks and hit someone or something. Cole of course likes to get the train going as fast as he can to try and derail it. Or, placing his cars on the train tracks as it goes by - which usually results in a crash and then me fixing it. So we have been working "train etiquette" the last couple of days and reminding little Cole we can't be as hard on the train as he is with his cars.

(Meredith - Cole did just have a growth spurt...of course after I went shopping too! He is such a little boy now and no longer a baby at all! Complete sentences and everything - it is amazing!)


  1. This is so cool!!! Stefan would go crazy!! But boy it would be hard to keep Stefan from breaking it... he's in a destruction phase. And presents under the tree!! How do you keep him from opening the presents?! :-)

  2. This looks fun! Trains are always a part of Christmas. I remember when Mark had a train set on a sheet of plywood that was on pullies. He could raise and lower it to play with the train. Uncle Jack had a whole room full of trains. He built mountains, mills, swiss villages and lakes. I think he had about 5 trains going. Another engineering feat. Benj always set up his wood train at christmas and we used polyester fill for snow. I have a blue mirror we used for the lake. Gee, maybe I will go set it up :-)