Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Single Momming It....

DJ is in Mexico this week for work (believe me - if I would have had enough vacation saved up I would have gone too!). So it's just Cole and I - and Annie. We both greatly miss DJ and I also miss my early morning runs and not having to do the dishes!

Last night I fixed a plate of baguettes with mozz/tom/basil and a sliced apple. This is a perfect meal for me but Cole spit it out. He ate the entire apple (sharing the skins with Annie) and drank a quart of milk. Hah...

Running after work with the jogger and Annie has been fun but a challenge. The streets in White Rock are nice and wide but with the ice/snow and our "gear" we need the entire street. Cole laughs (when he isn't mad at the sun in his face) hard at Annie running in the water. Running with Cole is a treat for me and him since I usually get up and go with Annie while the rest are still in bed.

I also have been letting the little guy sleep with Mamma. He asked me the first night "Go Night Night Mamma's bed" and of course I fell for it. I don't sleep much - even giving him 3/4 of the bed he still sleeps horizontal and kicks, hits, sits straight up and talks - you name it. I will get an occasional snuggle which is worth all of it! I have been explaining to him every night that this is "special treat" for both of us and he has to go back to his bed when Dadda comes home - we'll see how that flies!

This morning he got up on his own while I was in the bathroom and got a bowl of cheerios and went back to my bed. There was a trail of "O's" all down the hall and a big pile on the bed. I wish I could have seen him trying to get up in my bed with his snack. I am proud of him for fending for himself in the dark!

Cole started a new classroom this week - the "Pre Early Childhood Room" and I am SOO happy for him. His teacher is the best (Ms. Dora - I am sure it helps with the name since Cole loves Dora the Explorer). She is so warm and motherly and only has 6 kids in her room. She is so quiet and calm and is a great fit for Cole. He talks about her and is excited to see her every morning. He has been sitting on the potty at school 2-3 times a day too! What a big boy...


  1. Sounds like you and Cole are having lots of fun while Daddy is away. Big boy Cole for being in Miss Dora's class and sitting on the potty. Good job or hopefully pretty soon.
    Auntie B

  2. way to go cole! Stef could learn from you!