Thursday, December 2, 2010

10 Reasons Mommy Loves Cole (Of course there are more....)

1. The way he gives me kisses with a big open mouth.
2. When he puts his arm around me while sitting together and pulls me closer.
3. "Come on Mom, Come on" - when he wants to play. Or "Do this Mamma, Do this..."
4. The random "huggings" of my leg and the way he sweetly says "Mamma".
5. He's just so stinking cute!
6. The way he acts like he doesn't hear me but then later I realize he was listening after-all.
7. When he pats the couch cushion and says, "Sit Down Mamma, Sit.".
8. His sense of humor - for example, when ask, "Cole do we need to change your diaper? You're stinky." Cole's response, "No I didn't, just tooted." Hah...I think we need to get going on potty training. Lazy parents....
9. When he laughs at my silly cheerleader routines and dance moves.
10. He is very much like me! Hah...I get his moods completely.


  1. 11. He's a goood guy! (as Stef says)

  2. He is a sweetie. It is so cutehow he wants to snuggle with his mommy. There is nothing better than cozying up with your boy.