Thursday, September 2, 2010

Northwest Vacation Part 2 - Lincoln City, OR

The 2nd part of our travels led us to Lincoln City, OR. Most of DJ's family was able to come for the week and partake in the fun. We had such a fun week playing on the beach. Some of the many wonderful highlights were: blowing a glass orb (mine ended up looking not so round...), playing in the sand, crabbing (DJ, Mark and Michal caught our meal for an evening) YUMMY, seeing the cousins play and sometimes bicker, attempting wire wrapping (Corey was a great teacher and very patient with her students. Meredith was a quick learner and I was too much of a perfectionist. Although very fun and I am happy with my end results!), YATZEE til all hours of the night (James - "That's something!") and running each morning at sea level and going for coffee/scones afterwards. I still can't believe how out of breath I am running at 7000 ft and I was only gone for 12 days! (Maybe it was all the cookies and cake I ate) Hah...

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  1. What an adorable family! All the kids are perfect and their parents of course are too. We loved being together with you and the runs with you and Darby were the best. You really inspired me to get out there everyday! Love you!