Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

DJ, Cole and I had a very nice Easter weekend. We started the weekend off by taking Cole to see "Hop". We all enjoyed it! Saturday Cole hung the Easter Bunny key on our front door to ensure he'd be able to get inside. And then left a few big carrots just incase he got hungry hiding all the eggs.

The Easter Bunny has always been very kind to Annie and didn't forget to hide her eggs in the front yard separate from Cole's chocolate eggs. It doesn't take her long to find them all - she's a pro! Yes - that is a hardboild egg!

When Cole noticed what was all over the backyard he was very concerned. He said very seriosuly, "The Easter Bunny did that?" Like why would he have laid all those eggs all over the yard. He plan of attack was to open them all one at a time, run in a crazy pattern (not really even a pattern just all over the place) collecting the ones he wanted and leaving all the hardboiled eggs behind. When his basket was full he told Daddy and Mommy to do!

A great day - we went to church where 3000 eggs were hidded for the parish children. Each child was allowed 6 eggs including 1 golden egg. The golden eggs contained $1 coins, movie passes or icecream certificates. When it was Cole's turn to hunt, he went straight for the gold ones. He'd pick them up shake them and if no sound was made he'd put it down - ha! So, he ended up with the $1 coin. (Next year we will be able to coach him more.)


  1. It sounds like Cole doesn't need any coaching. He has that coin finding technique all figured out.

  2. Smart boy! Going for the hard cold cash! :-) We got your Easter card... Thank you! Cole looks so different than a year ago... such a big guy now!

  3. love looking at the pictures of Cole and Annie collecting Easter Eggs, what a team. So cute and Cole leaving carrots at the door what a good idea. Poor Easter Bunny works so hard. Looks like a great Easter at your house, and thank you for the adorable card.