Thursday, August 5, 2010

Night-time Scares

Cole's nightlight and ipod have made it back to his room and seem to be helping. (I guess I took them out when he really started moving around because I didn't want the extra cords. And he was sleeping so well I didn't even think to put them back.)

Annie has been a big help too. I have been letting her lay on the floor by his crib until he falls asleep. It works out good - she is ready to leave the room when he falls asleep (that is if they can stop playing). She likes to have the "choice" of which room or piece of furniture to sleep on. We try to keep his door shut so she isn't in and out all night disturbing him. And we know she would be...:)

I don't think Cole woke up last night. I have a vision of getting up once but each night is a blur now. He did wake up crying "Mamma Munder", "Mamma Munder".  Poor Baby Cole...

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